Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport for Non Motorized Transport and Pavement accessibility improvement

The City of Johannesburg adopted its first Non-Motorist Transport Framework (NMT) which guides the planning and implementation of NMT infrastructure throughout the City. This infrastructure will include cycle lanes, sidewalks and other supporting facilities. A feasibility study was done with a view of evaluating and improving pedestrian accessibility to the BRT Stations. City of Johannesburg appointed Joburg Development Agency (JDA) as the implementing agent on this project.

SOJO is proud that Booysens and Booysens Resreve areas were amongst this pilot project.



KUBiC (Kliprivier Urban Biodiversity Corridor)

Extract from the KUBIC website, to get the link, click on the picture:

"Our Mission

To establish a sustainable green, bio diverse, aesthetic freedom corridor along Kliprivier Drive in partnership with all stakeholders in such a manner that it will inspire others to follow suit and benefit the South of Johannesburg.

The primary purpose of KUBiC is to enhance the visual travelling experience of the South of Johannesburg as one enters from the M1 merging with renowned conservation areas in and around the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The corridor will play a vital role in the promotion of tourism in the South and will endeavour to enhance the aesthetic value, which is mostly needed in areas between Booysens and Rifle Range Roads, and as such marked the launch of this project on the 31st October 2012.