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How to report a problem?

SOJO reports council related issues on behalf of paying members.

(The general community can also report a problem via our website if other reporting methodologies have not helped)

The below are the department that we work with:

  • JRA (Joburg Roads Agency)
  • JW (Joburg Water)
  • City Parks
  • Pikitup
  • City Power
  • Environmental Health
  • By law enforcement (JMPD)
  • SAPS
  • Building control
  • EMS

The problem that we deal with:

  • Pot holes
  • Knocked over traffic signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Missing covers - Water meter, water valve, storm water, manhole
  • Burst water pipes or leaks
  • Blocked storm water drains
  • Water meter leaks
  • Electricity problems
  • Over crowding
  • Illegal dumping
  • Etc.

When completing the below form kindly check if you have added the following information:

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. The address of the problem
  3. The area
  4. Business or residential related
  5. A detailed explanation of the problem
  6. And any other details that may be important

We will then send the problem to relevant department and send you the reference number

Log a Problem

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