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GBP (Green Business Platform)

The Green Business Platform is an initiative established in the south of Johannesburg with the purpose of sharing environmental best business practice to improve the profitability of businesses. This is done through inviting speakers to share information, experience and the wisdom to inform and support businesses in their quest to become more sustainable.

Our main target is small to medium-sized businesses; although a number of larger businesses also attend. With this focus in mind, the information and ideas which we would like to put across should offer realistic and practical ideas and suggestions for businesses to put into practice to be able to see meaningful benefits. These benefits should obviously embrace economic, social and environmental opportunities for the business, its different internal and external communities, environments and surroundings.

The programme for the event includes an opening and introduction session, feedback from previous meetings and the sharing of any general information regarding business sustainability, introduction of the speaker, the presentation by the speaker followed by questions and discussion, general discussion including promotion of the next meeting and networking with a light breakfast being served.