KlipSA is partnering with SOJO, Caxton Community Newspapers, Rand Water's Water Wise and Rietvlei Zoo Farm in an initiative called the Green Business Platform which has been designed to encourage businesses to adopt sustainabile business practices. These practices will have a twofold benefit:

  • Contribute to a more sustainable future, and
  • Improve business profitability

The Green Business Platform is an opportunity for business people to share information, wisdom and experiences to inform and support other business people.

The initiative will consist of a series of meetings over the course of the year, where business people will be addressed by speakers who will provide them with information about good sustainability and increased profitability practices. The topics to be addressed include:

  • Human wellness management
  • Sustainability in hospitality
  • Sustainability measurement and reporting
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Sustainability strategy preparation
  • Governance
  • Management of Water, Energy and Waste
  • Company examples and achievements